Sunday, November 20, 2011

We're going to state

Yesterday was amazing !!!!!!! As our team cheered and chanted throughout the day, we really worked hard. From interviews to robot runs to wishing teams good luck in the hall. When we saw multiple callbacks in the coaches hands, we were going nuts. Watching rookie teams have a great day, and watching one of the few get second place. It felt outstanding winning a trophy for our robot design. Best of all hearing our name ( crushing techno tigers)get called, and we ran up to get the certificate to state, was breathtaking. December 10th is going to be the second best moment of the season. The first was having our start of the season party(with Coach Daddio's cool hat) and seeing the team together for the first time this season. Also seeing my brothers team succeed and make it to state, and win the tournament. I'm so glad our teams season did not end this early in the year. State here we come.

By M'Ash' Potato

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