Food Factor Project Topic

Strawberries, E.coli and You!

Are the strawberries at your neighborhood store safe?

Chances are they are fine!

However there is a motivated and inspired group of 9 & 10 year old's that are exploring this important issue. They are investigating possible methods and solutions that will enable farmers to detect and prevent contaminated strawberries reaching your family, your fruit market and your supermarket.


How can you help???
  • By making it to this page and reading our blog, you are helping.
  • Download our PDF flyer that the team made on E.coli.
  • Are you someone that this group can talk to/interview?
  • Can you provide any information that can aid in their research?
  • Recommend sources of information?
  • Have you been diagnosed with E. coli 0157:H7? Tell us your story please!
  • Send us an e-mail – Just click on the envelope below!

In the short time that they have been researching strawberries contaminated with E. coli 0157:H7 they have discovered some interesting facts, issues and problems that many who consume this tasty treat might want and need to know!


What have they learned?

Tell us your story.  We'd LOVE to hear it

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