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What is a Crushing Techno Tiger???
(Crushing Techno Tiger - CTT)

C - Crushing:
We are working very hard to crush this year's challenges.

T - Techno
We are learning a ton about the technology and science topics relating to
FLL and this year's Food Factor challenge.

T - Tiger
We are strong and courageous like a tiger.
Individually we are not as strong.
Together we are powerful and cunning like a tiger!

Together, we are the Crushing Techno Tigers from Wattles Elementary in Troy Michigan, USA!!

From left to right:

Daniel - Creature-man
Dhruv - Techno Brick
Lauren - Bob-E-Bob
Ashley - M"Ash" Potato
Nathan - Northbound
Rithik - Elmo
Elizabeth - Lizard

Coach - Coach Daddio
(Mysteriously absent from the  photo.)