Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our second meeting - by Crushing Techno Tiger Ashley

What we did in the last Lego meeting.

We started out with a word search. The list of words for the word search were the real names of the Lego bricks. Next we did a teamwork exercise. It was called the human robot!!! We took turns being the programmer and the robot. The programmer had to tell the robot how to get from place to place and how to move around.

After that we got to look at our new robot kit and all the Legos from the kit. We also learned what the Lego brick names were. Lastly we interviewed each other and then got to introduce our partner to the parents.


  1. Hay I´m Enrique Azofra. I´m in one team of Madrid. Minibots is the name of my team. I´m the cousing of Alex babcock.

  2. Hi Enrique, Thanks for visiting our blog site. I am Nathan Babcock, Alex's cousin from Michigan in the USA. I hope the Minibots do good and have lots of fun. Please tell us how your competition goes.